Summer time model activity - Sherman in Italian Army (again)

it’s vacation time in Italy.
as usual the commander in chief (my wife) decides for a week on the beach …
I hate the beach
so I prepared a survival kit


1st step: remove diesel engine deck to replace with gasoline ones


a cut job needs to recover a stellar engine cover

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turret and body

wow, such a detailing work while on the move is impressive… Hope you can be back soon and work more comfortably :slight_smile:

new boogies are ready!


roller train is fixed!

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track time
now the fun comes …
after thirty years of overall assembly and the assembly of the finished model tracks I decided to prepare the “handling” part first … as a beginner …
it’s time to mount the AFV tracks … which notoriously get lost or the junction links fall off … I tried to change method: this time I try to fix them with Vinavil

operation simple and easy
ok i can start to paint it!

What is vinavil and how did you use it?
In their own words: “A leader in polymers for industry”

Considering the context I would guess it is something like this:

A whole kilogram …jeeez …

I simple put a little drop of glue on the pin, it is enought to prevent falling off and the track remain flexible