Summer time model activity - Sherman in Italian Army (again)

it’s vacation time in Italy.
as usual the commander in chief (my wife) decides for a week on the beach …
I hate the beach
so I prepared a survival kit


1st step: remove diesel engine deck to replace with gasoline ones


a cut job needs to recover a stellar engine cover


turret and body

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wow, such a detailing work while on the move is impressive… Hope you can be back soon and work more comfortably :slight_smile:

new boogies are ready!


roller train is fixed!


track time
now the fun comes …
after thirty years of overall assembly and the assembly of the finished model tracks I decided to prepare the “handling” part first … as a beginner …
it’s time to mount the AFV tracks … which notoriously get lost or the junction links fall off … I tried to change method: this time I try to fix them with Vinavil

operation simple and easy
ok i can start to paint it!

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What is vinavil and how did you use it?
In their own words: “A leader in polymers for industry”

Considering the context I would guess it is something like this:

A whole kilogram …jeeez …

I simple put a little drop of glue on the pin, it is enought to prevent falling off and the track remain flexible

this is the result


someone have corret dimension of side applique armour?

applique armour added

a small adaptation need to fit radial engine…


Basically the Italian version of Elmer’s School Glue, aka. PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue.

painting operation is started…


The question of the decals is a thorny one… if the M4 (Chieti) already has a series of transformations, even its classification is no less; Unfortunately, the correct decals on the market to register the early Italian postwar tank are few, moreover the side armour carries a strange symbol not common in Italian tanks (the rectangle that normally indicates the position of the tank in the company is divided on the diagonal in a probable black / blue that could make it belong to the mechanization school) .

On the front shield you can see the ram’s head for which I framed it in the division, the presence of the Stanag indications put it quite ahead of its period (early 70s) and more; the identification symbols are all placed in an unconventional way, but on the Italian Shermans it was not so rare.

Finding the correct symbols was not easy … I had to use the Ariete (tank) decals to build something acceptable.

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