Suzuki Overload


Looks great, can you tell us more about the details of the build? Scale, kit, aftermarket bits and changes if any made.

The scale is 1/24 HC22 Suzuki Jimny JA11-5. The kit is by Hasegawa. The window shield was replaced with a protective glass, used for cellphones. I cracked it with sharp hobby knife. The rear and rear side windows were replaced with thin plywood bought at a hobby store. The roof cage was scratch built. Everything else is a collection of parts from my junk box, like cloth materials, plastic wraps, old rubber pieces etc.


Well done!

Once upon a time I drove an old SAAB with a similar weight distribution.
The feeling when the front wheels lose their ground contact at over 60 mph is NOT pleasant …

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Love it ! I have often thought of microscope slide cover glass for model use but your cellphone screen guard tops that .

Reminds me of Afghanistan. Even has right hand drive!

I can totally understand. Must be a scary feeling.

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Hehe! Thank you. Ita much easier.

Fantastic model- a really original idea and nicely done too- the battered look and the way the suspension is sitting really adds to the whole look.

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Thank you kindly. I am contemplating doing a truck version. We’ll see what I come up with in the end.

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