Sword TF-9J Out of Box

It may not be an iron-clad rule, but I do find that I prefer two-seat versions of single-seat aircraft. Oddly, I also prefer the single seat version of trainers… I guess I’m perverse like that! It turns out that there are a lot of planes about which I really don’t get that excited until you add an extra seat.

A perfect example of that is the F9F-8 Cougar. I had the old (and not-so-good) 1/48 as a kid, but I didn’t think much of it; the design looked slow and heavy, and like a lot of transonic jets it just didn’t do much for me. However, the two-seater, or “Twogar” as it’s often known, is a different story! I almost bought the Kittyhawk 1/48 Twogar; that’s how much I love that plane. Thankfully, though, I found out about the Sword 1/72 TF-9J, and bought that one instead. Now it’ll be in scale with everything else I have!

Even better, I got the one with weapons, that served as a FAC(A) in ‘Nam! While it’s not perfect, it looks pretty cool, so check out the Out of Box review at the link below!

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