Sylly's Mini Models YPR-765 (A1) Conversions | Armorama™

Eight new conversion kits for the 1/35 YPR765A1 series

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Good thing M113 kits are relatively cheap! :wink:

You thinking about getting a whole crate or two?

@vettejack I dunno why a M113 would be usefull in this case?

The Sylly website also has a LOAD of conversions for M113.
My fingers are already twitching for the YPR and the M113 conversions

Ah, I didn’t dig that deep. Only checked the news item.

Go digging!
There are more interesting things on that website :slightly_smiling_face:

The main problem with Tamiyas “cheap” M113’s is that they have “rubber” tracks (puke …)
so new tracks will add to the cost. Many of the other M113 options also have “rubber” tracks …

The AFV-Club YPR-765 also “needs” new tracks …

I generally don’t do modern armor, but I will keep it in mind…

Their figures don’t look so good. Most of resin figures are better made.

It you’re asking me “Uncle”, the only M113 in the stash is for a Libyan M113 with an AML 90 turret.

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