T-34/76 mantlet

I don’t remember which T-34 had the angled mantlet, but I would like to do a conversion and I need to know who makes a conversion kit/set or just the mantlet itself


Factory STZ did the pure angled mantlet. Mig did a conversion.


Can’t find any STZ conversions

If you mean the part that is at the end of the mantlet, all versions had the angled one from 1940.

The recuperator housing you probably refer to was a product of the Barricades factory at Stalingrad, so was installed on STZ tanks. The Dragon “STZ Model 1942” kit has the correct part. Be aware that there are a LOT of other features that accompany these tanks so it’s not like you can install the angled part onto some other T-34.

The STZ '42 kit is hard to find and has some massive fit issues…but is fixable. There is no other plastic kit of the STZ that I am aware of.

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I may have found a solution
I found some pics of a Dragon T-34/76 STZ Mod 1941, which has two turret options, angled or standard, cast or welded
They built the standard turret, which I have in the Panzer T-34/76 747(r) kit (I started on the Panzer T-34/76 747(r) before hurricane Harvey and after the storm I somehow lost the “angled” turret)
I’m going to study the pics and find the parts, now I can finish the kit


Zvezda offered an STZ turret on one of their early, crude, T-34 kits. Unfortunately. it was mounted on a Factory 183 T-34/85 hull with postwar mods, so it would need a lot of fixing. In theory, one could backdate the hull, and depict a “Frankenpanzer,” with an STZ turret fitted to a Factory 183 hull by a field repair unit.
In my case. I had the Dragon STZ T-34 kit, and modified a Dragon early Factory 112 upper hull, rather than trying to make the Dragon upper hull work. Dragon’s STZ upper hull is simply too long to fit on the lower hull, and modifying the other kit was easier in the long run. Dragon’s STZ kit is the only plastic kit with the early pattern steel wheels usually used by STZ.