T-34/85 campaign

The T-34-85 build is really a 5th column infiltration, got to stay off the grid and keep on the down low. :wink:

A little inspiration for us all…

keep it on the down low - One Does Not Simply

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starting on the upper hull on the T34/D30… a few fiddly fits but mostly it is just falling in to place


Basic assembly on Dragon and Academy kits done. Academy kit on the right side with the dark tracks. Dragon kit has more crisp detail and molding. Academy has better fit.

I added a fourth fuel tank on the dragon kit (although highly uncommon or even impropable) and will add the smoke drums at the rear. Academy is missing all the photoetch details and some extras. I will add stowage to both kits. I will also try to work a bit more on the surface detail of the academy turret.


Looking good Nikos.

If anyone needs some references, here is handy link. T-34s Reference - #2 by Tank_1812


They both look excellent!
Looking forward to more.

Was able to get a little bench time yesterday.

Couldn’t get a good photos of the painted housing and shock installed but in my eyes I felt better about the muted color. With the green Academy and Airfix plastic, not as needed.


So that cylindrical thing sticking out of the right front side of the upper hull parallel with the ground. I think that’s where the antenna attachment is on earlier vehicles. Was that common on T-34/85s? Or any rules about when it should be there?

I’m working on the miniart kit for the miniart group build and attaching it is optional, but they give no guidance (not that I expect it in kit instructions).

That is the early location, after a short time period all 85’s appear to have the antenna mount in the turret in front of the cupola.

Hope that helps.

It would be a same not to do this kit too, like showing the before and after with the academy kit.

So RFM Egyptian T-34/122

There are two vehicles surviving. I opted for the one with the starfish wheels. More details to follow…


Only very early vehicles had the antenna on the hull, most prototypes and not from all factories. I wouldn’t use it.

Yes, that does, thanks!

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I have a picture of the vehicle I’m modeling and it has an antenna on the roof. So I’m going to leave it off.

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Looking forward to seeing the big turreted 122 being done

this is a fun looking campaign…
I might try it out!

Please do, all are welcome.

My progress for today. More details added to the dragon kit, the academy kit is still missing all the detailing and additions to make it a more accurate Egyptian vehicle and the RFM kit still needs a lot of work.


Some helpful info for any of us building a Soviet T-34/85.

Edit: Small update on my T-34, I was really happy with how it was coming along till I watched this video because it turns out I built and spent 2 hours installing the fuel drums wrong… and when I tried to remove them the all PE mounts broke apart… luckily I have the Eduard PE set which comes with the mounts so I will try to re do them.

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Part 2

Him getting out of T-34 is how I feel it looks like when I get out a M1 drivers hole. The task is accomplished but it doesn’t look pretty and I too would prefer getting out the turret for either tank.