T-34-85 mod.1944

Hello everyone, friends! I’m new to the forum. And this model is one of the last completed works. It was built under interesting circumstances. I saw enough in the network of various competitions in which people build models in 24 hours, and I asked myself the question - can I build a model in 24 hours? And what do you think? I couldn’t! It was only possible to build everything and primed. So, after the 24 hour deadline, I decided to continue as usual. The model is completely out of the box. And 124 hours were spent on all the work on the model!
And since then, the thought has not left me - what and how should I do so that I can meet within 24 hours? And at the same time, the model would have a normal appearance.
What is a normal appearance? And so on and so forth. In general, questions - a million.
What do you think about this?
Sincerely, Vladyslav.


Nice work. :+1: :+1:

What kit is it?

Thank you, Armorsmith! This is Zvezda 3687.

Welcome aboard Vladislav. Great looking model. :+1:

Thank you, Tank_1812!
I did my best.
The first 24 hours - in a hurry. The next 100 hours - trying to do something more or less normal.
And I’ll add a few more photos.


Great looking T-34-85. Very well done.

What is the white stripe for? Is that a unit marking, or for aircraft recognition? I’m not that familiar with Soviet markings.


Nicely done. Excellent weathering and eye for detail.
Welcome to the forum, hope to see more of your builds soon.


Thank you, Jim!
White stripe - quick identification.
Letters, numbers, arrow - tactical designation.
In this case, it is a tank of the 4th Guards Tank Brigade of the 2nd Guards Tank Corps, 3rd Belorussian Front, East Prussia, 1944.
Arrow - tactical sign of the 2nd Guards Tank Corps.
The Cyrillic letter above the arrow is the brigade number:
“Л” - 4th Guards. TBR;
“Б” - 25th Guards. TBR;
“И” - 26th Guards. TBR;
There is evidence that the letters of the brigades were selected from the initial letters of the names of the brigade’s commanders.
Since there are photographs where the letter “Н” meets.
A personal tactical number of the tank was applied under the arrow:
the numbers of the 4th Guards Tank Brigade began with the number “100”;
the numbers of the 25th Guards Tank Brigade began with the number “200”;
the numbers of the 26th Guards Tank Brigade began with the number “300”;
The letter “a” could be either lowercase or uppercase. It could be applied both to the right of the number and to the left. As above, so below. It was not applied to all tanks. Its purpose is unknown to me. Perhaps it was the designation of command vehicles?
I will add a couple of links. There are a lot of useful information and photos.

Sincerely, Vladyslav.


Thank you, CreadingI
I am very grateful to everyone for such appreciation of my work!
There are many different projects :saluting_face: I will post! :saluting_face:
Sincerely, Vladyslav.

Great job on the model! I also the look of models with a white stripe but never really understood what how the markings worked - thanks for explaining!

Спасибо, Vladyslav. I appreciate the information.


Nicely done. Its well painted and the weathering is very good … Gives it a real used look :+1:

Welcome, Vladyslav! What an entry! What green did you use?

Thank you, Johnnych01!
I tried. But, due to haste, there are enough flaws there.

Thank you, ReluctantRenegade!
I used Gunze Sangyo H511 Aqueous Hobby Color "Russian Green “4BO” WWII and Aqueous Hobby Color Thinner.


очень хорошо сделано!
That’s one of the best examples of paint wear I’ve ever seen - no overdone chipping, and nailed the color.

Thank you, 18bravo!
In fact, there are enough shortcomings. Harrying does not allow you to do something better.
If I am building a model not of a specific prototype, but of something “based on”, I try to be very moderate in the weathering process. Enumeration of this or that effect can drastically worsen the appearance of the model. Here I am guided by the main rule - “better - less”.
Sincerely, Vladyslav.

Friends, hello everyone!

I have been looking at my first post for several days now, and I understand that I screwed up with the photo! :upside_down_face: Well, that’s not what it should be. :anguished: Since I am a beginner photographer, on the way to the ideal result, I have to go through trial and error. I decided to do a test reshoot with another lighting and immediately saw a difference in color reproduction. The previous photos have all “gone” in red and blue. The last photo turned out to be closer to reality. The photographs were not subjected to any processing. I post it as is.
And further. Friends! I am not a professional modeler and not a professional photographer. But! I am interested in posting on the forum the highest quality content that I am capable of at a given time. Therefore, your critical opinion about everything related to this content is very important to me. I adequately perceive any criticism. Your advice and criticisms are what I need in the first place! Your feedback is very important to me!
Sincerely, Vladyslav.
P.S.Your :heart: inspire me! And criticism encourages the next work to do better! :saluting_face:

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I have updated the information on tactical designations and added two good links with information and photos.
Sincerely, Vladyslav.

Thanks, Vlad. That’s good information.