T-55 track question

Does anyone know if the Takom or Miniart track sets will fit the Tamiya 1/35 T-55 tank? if so, which one is “better”? Not too concerned whether I use the individual link or the “working” track sets.



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Hi @Jrobinsonusaf, I have the set of non-workable below and checked on the Tamiya T-55 Enigma kit. Sorry for the picture quality.

The fit is good in my opinion. I would use based on fit.

The parts clean up is excessive in my opinion as well. Four attachment points each link. Clean up required top & bottom if cut away from tree perfectly flush. The six nasty nubs on top show even in this poor picture.

Rough clean up for fit test.

They fit and mold quality is outstanding so that’s a nice plus. My opinion, they fit very well but will be un-fun and time intense to clean up and use.

Please see link below.

Perth Military Modeling - T-55 RMSh Early Type Workable Track Links Miniart 1:35 Scale Kit #37050 Review by Terry Ashley

The link above maybe of interest as well.

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I can’t say about the Takom or Miniart tracks, but I used the Trumpeter indy links on my Tamiya T-55 Build. They fit perfectly fine.

Well this was posted right on time for me, I’d just opened the MiniArt T54 and decided to make the tracks my first assembly in this build. Thanks Wade for the link, I apologize for stepping on someone elses topic JR.


Apology not needed. Every reply gives me more info!


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@agincajun & @Jrobinsonusaf

Happy to share any info I have. I did realize I maybe should have cleaned up eight links to see how they all wrap around the sprocket vs just three.

Will you both the best with your builds and look forward to pictures!