T-70 track

For the Miniart campaign I am building the T-80, an upgraded T-70 built in limited numbers so probably not much on them as the T-70. What I am after is how the track was replaced by the Russians in WW2 either on a road March or because of thrown track? If there is no photos or video for the T-70, I am sure any Russian light tank would work.

Thanks in advance.

Photos showing maintenance on Russian tanks seems to be difficult to find.
I found one of the tank crew performing some maintenance (?) on a t-60 tank (although not changing the tracks)

You might want to peruse this site, it’s huge and has a lot of info and photos, you might be able to find something that helps


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Ryan, Thinking about it, if you are savvy with track bashing and maint (which by your other post I am sure you are) Then track changing is pretty generic for all types of tanks and tracks. the principles and methods will be the same just slight variations between vehicles. Some form of track clamp ? a track rope or cable, the drive sprocket will be used to take the track on and off, the heavy tools you usually associate with it etc. I think if you can suss out how an individual link looks, you can cut into a rubber band track to make it look the same, or if you are working with indi links, then thats even better, the works been done for you …

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Good points. I just envision it being worse much worse back then.

The kit is individual link so I am good.

I think you’ll be better off researching WW2 russian track tools…then just leaving the track split and applying realistic tools ?

I think your on the right track.

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A nice cheeky pun there Ryan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

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I had that going with the first reply but the family kept distracting me before making me do other work.

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