T-80 chipping question


I am working on the t-84 bm oplot from trumpeter and i dont know how to chip it? I know its based on the the t-80ud, can anyone tell what parts need aluminium and steel chips? I think the fuel tanks are aluminium… and the engine deck?

It doesn’t need any chipping. Chipping is way over done by most people.


Every mbt/afv has some sort of scratches or chipping. You are totaly wright that its easily overdone. but its a good exercise for detail painting. Thank you for the reply, but not realy an answer to my question.

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Armored sections will not be aluminum.

I’m digging through my references because I know I saw a recent magazine article on T-80/90 with chipping and they had a map of where the aluminum is. The fuel tanks are the obvious places to chip. and I believe the lids along the sponsons as well.

Stef, your right there would be elements of chipping or scratching.
It can also be easily overdone as stated.

It needs to be put into perspective to what degree it’s done.

Regardless of whether they are NATO or Warsaw Pact wagons, if they were barracked they would of been kept in pretty good order.
On exercise or deployments they get the usual knocks and scrapes but these would be put right when back in barracks.
On a long term Op deployment or conflict, the cosmetics get put to one side and the onus shifts to operational effectiveness - engines, weapon systems etc.

Sides of turrets, side plates scrape against trees etc so you’d see scratches there.
A good place for heavier marks and chipping would be on recovery equipment like A frames, the straight bars, tow hooks, tow pintles, shackles and areas like the recovery rope locating areas. As an example of the force they might encounter from the crews, we often had to take the sledge hammer to the tow pins to remove them from the A frame and tow hooks… Lots of metal on metal contact…
But remember, going back to the key point, it doesn’t need to be over done, sometimes less is more :grin: HTHs… John

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I’m not a real fan of chipping but here is something to keep in mind. In scale, a chip/scratch of 1:35 of an inch would be a 1 inch chip in 1:1. And, as others have said it’s easy to overdo it. Good luck.

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The best reference I have been able to find is from the Ammo/Mig book “Weathering Special: Iron factory” In it they have the fuel tanks and storage bins being a stainless alloy along with the water deflection strips on the glacis. The wheels are also an alloy. What is interesting in the model is the metal straps holding the fuel tanks on the side are represented as steel.

You are right, i forgot i have this book! Thanks

Thanks for the helpful tips. I will keep tgem in mind! 100% true m, less is more…