T-Model SSkra German Flatcar Released | Armorama™

The SSkra German Flatcar from T-Model is now available at shops.

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Anyone know if this is a WW2 piece of rail equipment? Looks very nice.

It says in the rendering that the bearing covers are embossed with the makers name as per 1941-1945 period.

Thank you, didn’t see that. I know some of their flat cars were used into the 80s or 90s. Looking to do a diorama of an M60 being loaded onto one. I have a flat car from Sabre models but I think it has a heavier load capacity. I even have decals for it from peddinghaus if I remember the name correctly.

The Sabre Models flatcar is a later type SSys rated at 50-52 tons. It was used up through the '80s.

This one by T-Model is the earlier type SSkra which was rated at 48-50 ton. I believe it was also used up through the '80s.

Yes that was it Gino. I plan on doing a dio from the 70s with an M60