T29 quick build

SO I decided to continue my building of the T series tanks by the US Army post WW2

Is there really such a thing as a quick build?


Dan - sadly “No”!

Maybe Carl knows a secret we don’t? :shushing_face:

Carl, looks like a good start - which kit is it? I did the Takom T29E3 several years ago, but haven’t seen any of the HB ones yet.

HobbyBoss.I still need to get another T30/34, to build the T34.

Quick for me, I put in about 3 hours Saturday and Sunday.

This is a HB kit?

Depends on how good your eyes are Dan :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



Yes. Hobby Boss

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Pictures of the turret build later, I did stipple the lower half, which was smooth, to recreate the cast effect to copy the upper half. The Trunnion caps are fiddly, tiny T shaped parts,tweezer launch-able.

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True! I’ll have to try this one with my thick glasses.


More progress,Turret

And the track and jig.I noticed, the end connectors do not grip the track pins as well as AFV club indy links for M60 series track ones do,SO I am gluing one connection per block, so they will be semi flexible.

Can you flatten the pin a bit by squeezing them with a blunt tweezer?
Like the turret.

I wouldn’t dare try that,as the pins are VERY thin. I only need the track to be flexible enough to direct around the road wheels and sprockets. I could go older school, and do an upper run, lower run, and sections to go up and around the sprocket and idler. The good thing, is the wheels all can be slid on the torsion arms, as they have plastic “poly caps” as in ancient Tamiya style. So I could form the entire track around the wheels, and slide the whole bit onto the hull.

T29E3,did it


I have to say I find myself drawn to these monsters (like I need more models).

Looks great Carl! They certainly have a “presence” on the table at model shows. Might just have to get me another one…

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I find these monsters fascinating, all an attempt to counter the German heavy armour but presumably their capability mapped across to the emergent Soviet threats post war?

The Brits were striving to develop Conqueror with the same threat in mind and also Malkara, probably the largest anti-tank missile ever, and of course eventually M103 was born, but these early ones, with their experiments using rangefinders etc, and a 155mm gun are just atmospheric - well to me!

Damn, I’ve just about talked myself into buying some.

Go on Brian, you know you want to… :slight_smile:

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see some of the big guys-