T29 quick build

Absolute beasts!

Great pics! From the simple approach to painting I’m surprised none of them have unpainted shadows where the driver didn’t get out of the way in time before that all-over spray began… :slight_smile: (“If it doesn’t move, paint it”) I do wonder though if anyone at Benning will have the AMS to come back and paint the rubber tires black, before adding a pin-wash and dry-brushing…

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Last show I went to,I did a trio of the “T’s” I had, T28,29E3, T30, as a “collection” I called it, "T Time…

Tracks are very fragile.The pins are scale size I guess. SO I glued the same pin on each block, trapping the next block’s pin to make them “workable”. I only need them to hold together long enough to wrap around the wheels and sprockets.Making the final connection will be a bear.

A relatively minor issue, but the ones that go around the idler and sprocket should not have the end connector in line with the one track link pad - they should be at tangent with the idler/sprocket curve.

When ready to join, do that at the idler. Add a length of tape to the top run with a fair amount to go back over the lower run after you push the links together on the idler. This tape loop will hold the track in place so you can push the end connectors on. The longer the tape, the less likely you will stress and break any already secured. Being a join at the end of the idler, you should be able to access both sides of the track

I see the point, My plan is to glue everything in place, and forcibly twist the end connectors, and apply super glue between the blocks, to “repair” the track run in that location. This is one reason I love AFV club track for my M60 series tanks. The end connectors grip tight enough without glue, so they align properly.

The AFV Club T-80 track links for my M40 fell apart when I tried to add the end connectors without glue. I would get 4 of 5 links done, then they would come apart at no. 6…

Some main color, dropped the upper hull onto the lower just to see, much more painting to follow. Views of the Takom kit show tow cables, this one has an odd bar with tightening device in the middle, on the side below the turret.

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Been busy with massive mounts of Overtime.But The total bench time is still quick.Add about 3 days of work, from where I left off, and I am ready for a gloss coat, so I can add some shadows and very light weathering.I did use MV lenses for the headlights.#116’s fit fairly well.