T54/ 55 wheels

I have a Miniart T 54 and want to put the later T 55 style wheels on it. Which Miniart set would be appropriate?

Any really. The T-54 was/is retrofitted till the modern day. It used pretty much all style of T-55 wheels.

Good to know. I was going to do a T54 that has been upgrades a time or two.

Which T-54 kit do you have?

The T 54 A with an interior.

The T-54B without interior (#37019) contains both types of roadwheels so that is why I was interested in which T-54 kit you had, just in case it already included the later wheels.

I have always had the ability to select a kit that needs more than it came with. It use to help the brick and mortar stay open, now it helps the delivery company grow and prosper…

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I forgot to tell that the T-54-1/2/3 (weird shape turret ones and the ones without fume extractor) are not the case since they had very short production. The stab on model A and later extended the service life quite a bit. So you are good to run anything aside from the early T-34, T-54 ones.