T55 position lights

What color are these position keeping lights, both front and rear?

Thanx Doug

If you’re talking abut the small bullet-shaped lights, the small lenses on them are an opaque white color.

Net-Maquettes:: T-62 Walk Around

This is a T-62, but the the lights are the same on the T-54/55.

In the chieftains walk around of a T-55 he comments on how many there are and shows one pretty good, as @SdAufKla said, they are an opaque white color

thanx for your replies, thought that was the case but have seen some built kits with red rear position keeping lights.

Old Modeller

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When lit up they have some color. Also aftermarket light kits include colored bits for them.

Search the photos on Google… Those little corner and position lights show up as green on the front-facing units and on the turret top (located by that little search / spot-light on the turret upper rear portion), and deep red on the rear-facing hull-corner units. See the photos posted on RecoMonkey…

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