T90A I plan to go back to and improve

Here is an older T90A I made a while back and the progression of the build to the finished product. I messed up the chipping and rust effects so I tried to cover it up with a copious amount of dirt. It was inspired by my time in Ukraine as a trainer and hearing stories of people getting themselves into bad situations by wandering into live firing ranges looking for mushrooms. It was supposed to be a day after rain.

This was a first for me in terms of a lot of the building techniques; in fact, almost everything in this build was a new thing for me including the figures.

First time airbrushing camo and I was very proud of the result as it was waaaaay smoother than what I expected it to be.

I used a bunch of other heads as a practice but these were the ones I need up using for the model.

As I said before I messed up the chipping and rust so I covered it in more dirt and dust than I wanted to but it is not out of the realm of possibilities for them to be this dirty.


Full gallery of the finished product.


That’s some excellent work there. GreT job on the camo on the one T90 and your figures look great too!


Excellent work on both tank and figures- the three tone camo looks great and I think the dirt you have put on it looks quite natural. For a first go at figures you have done really well too.

Great revamp from old to new version. The 3 tone cam scheme looks terrific and is done really well.

Figures look perfect and the tankers face is really good.
I like the power lines and the transformer box… That’s a nice detail, and the guy collecting mushrooms is a nice touch.

The mud/dirt effect looks perfectly realistic… I have seen far far dirtier than that… Wonderful job all round :+1:

Great finish on the T90. The camo does look very, very good. I also like the detail you added to the utility pole. Excellent work.

Thanks! I had previously practiced faces but not fabrics.

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Thanks! It’s hard to tell with the pictures but I scattered a bunch of mushrooms around the scene as well

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Thank you!