Takom ah-64 Rotor fold parts

This is probably A shot in the dark, but does anybody have parts tree (R) and a little fret, a photo etching to fold the rotors on the Takom kit that they are not going to use. I’m trying to do the British MK 1. I’m not sure why Takom did not include a rotor fold on this kit as it is standard for all British Apaches. I’ll gladly pay any reasonable offer and shipping to Canada.

If you’re still interested I have the AH-64D but I’m doing an IDF bird so I don’t need the folding parts.
I believe they are included in this kit.
Would $10.00 plus shipping be reasonable
I’ll check today

Good morning Michael. I am still very much interested, but unfortunately it’s going to be building the kit # 2605 It does not have the rotor fold parts, Yes, I have this one in my inventory. But thank you for the offer. Takom Only included folding rotors in 2601 2602 and 2608.

My kit is 2601
I have the “R” sprue and the “C” photo etch
I can copy the two pages of instructions if needed
Send me your address and I’ll send you the cost plus shipping
Can you do PayPal?

That’s exactly what Looking for thank pm me when you can
I have a PayPal account so just send me a request and I will send your money
And thank you very much

You can send a PayPal request to cg.bower@me.com.

Note to Buyers/Sellers: I would highly recommend only using PM’s for sharing home and/or email address information. Just sayin.’ :email:


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You’re absolutely right. Wasn’t thinking thanks

Thank you very much.

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