Takom FV432 OOP?

Just checked my favorite German stores and no one stock the FV432 kits. Could it be that these are limited production kits?

Not as far as I know. I hope not!

All plastic kits are limited production, in that after a run, the moulds are replaced on the machine by other moulds. Obviously the time it takes for that run to be sold dictates if and when a further run is done.

The good news for those of us (including me) who failed to secure one first time around is that Takom has apparently agreed to do another production run. Get them when you can!

No, I don’t know when it will be or when the kits will arrive at retailers.

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Just pre-ordered one at HLJ for a good price. So I don´t care how long it takes.

I will second Rlockie, when , we do not know.