Takom mk10 Chieftain, Berlin Brigade finished pics

Some pics of the finished item with a nice neutral background.

I hope you enjoy.

Thanks, J.


Top tank. Still looks superb.

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Great job!

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That is so incredible.

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I love the subtle weathering. Very well done.


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Thanks to all!

Just remembered I’ve still got the extinguisher handles to paint red and the drivers vision block wipers to paint!

Cheers, Jim.

Great looking Chieftain!!!

Loved to see them in Berlin :slight_smile: They looked always special next to the all-green US M60.

You only missed the Berlin Brigade batch on the left fender :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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To save the day … not all Sqn’s on rotation through Berlin displayed a regimental badge on the LH mudguard. Some displayed them on the searchlight, either on the front or side. Some just didnt display them. :+1:

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Thanks Alexander, and welcome to the new forums! And thanks as always John. The decals with the kit weren’t very comprehensive I’m afraid.

Original build thread is here;

Thanks, Jim.

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Thanks Jim!

I’m a regular visitor to the forum and have been to the old forum, but I haven’t finished a model for ages.


Really nice work! :raised_hands:

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Thanks Freddy!

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Excellent looking build! The paint work is awesome to study in all the intricacy of that pattern.

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Thanks Carlos!

All those hours of preparation and measuring and cutting and applying the masking, then ripping it off when not 100% happy and starting again, were worth it in the end! Ha!

Thanks again, Jim.

Nicely done. The shading on the thermal sleeve looks particularly good to me. Wish I had the patience to do all that masking. Really good looking and eye catching build. :+1: :+1:

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Thanks DV!

I must say I was particularly pleased with the thermal sleeve myself.

Cheers, J.