Takom Panzer III ausf. M (1/35)

Hello everyone. Sharing my work on the Takom Panzer III ausf. M

Some notes:

Fewer part count vs Dragon kit. Unfortunately, a lot more flash on parts that need cleanup. She isn’t a Tamiya.

Good to decent detail on parts. They spelled Continental right, yay!

No clear parts!

Super small instructions makes it hard to read and follow, especially for folks like me with bad eyesight.

One of the decal options isn’t applicable for the kit due to the arrangement of the schurzen (#421).

Overall, still a very enjoyable kit. Just needs special attention to some parts to ensure they fit well.

Thanks for looking!

EDIT: Forgot to add these two issues as well
Unfortunately, there is bad fit on the road wheels and the turret stowage basket. For the wheels, you need to sand off the rods in between the wheel halves as they stop good fit. For the turret basket, you just need to sand down the raised connection points around the parts so they don’t interfere with the fit.


It came great James! Great finish, very neat job

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Very, very nice. No evidence of any problems here! Love the camo finish and weathering just right.

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Looks very nice, great job (and not overdone :slight_smile: )

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Very nicely done! Weathering is very convincing. Enjoyed it!

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That is an excellent build…love the paint job and the subtle camo!

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Thank you @metalhead85 , @Hohenstaufen , @varanusk , @BuddytheElf and @Grauwolf ! I super appreciate it :slight_smile:

Very nicely done :heavy_check_mark:

Excellent looking Pz III M!

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Thanks @Armor_Buff ! I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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You made that look good. I tried one and had nothing but issues .

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Thanks Chris! I had the benefit of reading through other people’s build logs so I knew this wasn’t going to be a Tamiya kit in terms of fit. Was still enjoyable though, I’m looking forward to building the Stug III G I have from them :slight_smile:

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@kunjuro . I dont normally do any german vehicles . That one did get my attention though.

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Wow, surprised to hear so many issues with that kit, but it does look good!

Thanks Ken! I think she’s a good kit but marred by quite a few issues. The problems aren’t too hard to overcome - just dry fit everything before committing to cement