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Your view is somewhat stained by your complete inability to realise that yours is not the only one to be had.

Why is it that you find it acceptable to be-little people for simply having an opinion?

This. The Second one. It should have finished here.

Lmao @Panzer_modeler you promised me drama and you did not disappoint :popcorn: when this rolls into work should I cop it so we can do an episode of the MMP on it?


And not all the “What-ifs” are German. M34 Heavy Tank … “Production version” of the T-29/30/34 series experiments …


Or … Engesa EE-20 Osorio. Grupo Blindado Nº 8 “Exploradores”, Brigada Acorazada Nº 3 “La Concepción”, No.1 Division, Ejército de Chile, Antofagasta. Chile. What if the Osorio had gone into production. Chilean version with 120mm GIAT main gun, .50 cal. coaxial MG , loaders MG-3 7.62mm mg and T/C’s .50 cal. Upgrades gunners optics and relocated CITS. “Pukara” is Quechuan (Incan language) for “fortress”.

Okay now, this is where I am a hypocrite. I love the T-29 through T-34 series

But I think this boils down to the fact they were more realistic than things like the maus

T-29/30/34 had a dozen or so examples built . The 29 made it to an E-3 variant. (the one with the stereoscopic range finder turret. (like on the M34 … along with T-30s 900 hp engine and t-34 s 120mm gun. )

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The “later” T-29 and T-30 are pretty cool looking

All were the same basic chassis. Some tweaks for the different engines. Same with turrets. T-29E-3 had the “ears” for the stereoscopic sight. T-34 had a big counter weight for the 120mm gun welded on the back of the turret. Oh, break down onexamples. T-29 = 8 (in 4 versions.T-29, T-29E1, E2, E3.) T-30 = 4 T-34=2.)

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Man, I’ve got to say I love your stuff! The Osorio backstory was very apposite. Your models all look as though they’ve done at least a day’s work, which is what I always try to attain. Keep at it Timothy. Good work.

Thanks. Even with the “what-ifs” I try making things “accurate”. (No Zundapp 750 side car with twin 128mm flak). Here’s the “what if” Brazilian Osorio. ( Execito Brasileiro EE-19 Osorio. 6 Regimento da Cavalaria Blindado. 2 Brigada da Cavalaria Mecanizada. Alegrete, Brazil.The tank was named after Gen. Manuel Luis Osorio (1808 - 1879), the patron of the Brazilian Cavalry .“Caseros” war a battle fought on Feb 3, 1852 near Buenos Aires, Gen Osorios, being one of the main commanders. .)

Best. This was only fitted on the BMW.

Always thought even the e-100 version of that would completely shatter itself after the first few rounds fired.

I realize other people have their own views and many times I see their point and don’t argue with their positions.

I don’t belittle people simply for having an opinion. This is categorically, provably, false.

However, I don’t think that someone’s opinion is inviolate and cannot be challenged. People have gotten into their heads that it is impolite, improper, or offensive to criticize another’s opinions, based on “It’s their opinion. You can’t say it’s right or wrong.”

Opinions are often based on bad information, illogical assumptions, superstitions, prejudices, ignorance, faulty thinking, or any number of other negative factors. Opinions developed from a wrong basis are themselves wrong and are legitimate targets of criticism.

Perhaps you are one of those who believes everyone’s opinion is equally correct, equally valid, and equally sacrosanct, no matter how hare-brained, ill-considered, misinformed, or bigoted it may be. If so, I can see how you might confuse criticizing bad opinions with attacking people just for having an opinion. You would be wrong, but I see how you’d get there.


Kurt… never change. :wink:

As for the other people poking the bear. Stop. Get back on subject and let people have the opinions they want to have even if that opinion is one you don’t agree with. Honestly for the record, I agree with him. I don’t see anything wrong with the Takom releasing a kit like this even if it only appeals to a small group. It’s their company and they get to decide what to make. Bitching about it is not going to change a thing. We have 20+ years of history trying so we know it doesn’t. And we ARE in an incredible golden age for produced kits and accessories, so there is zero evidence that kits like this detract from the release of other more mass appeal kits.

I dont care what kit makers market. If i dont like it I dont buy it. Arguing about it is like a bunch of kids in 3rd grade on the playground.

Jim, I will always remain open to change and new ideas but I’m also always going to evaluate things for sensibility, practicality, and realism before agreeing with them. And if I don’t agree, I’m going to say so and more importantly why I don’t.

Too bad you didn’t leave up some of the truly asinine later posts. Those are always nice to refer to when their authors sober up.


Thanks for the personal attack and accusation of drunkeness. I don’t do alcohol. haven’t done for more than 30 years. If you need to believe that so many people disagreeing with your posts requires intoxication maybe you should look more closely at yourself.

I note that you didn’t even thank the man who defended you.

I no longer care what you think.


Guys it’s just what ifs tanks at 1/35 scale.

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I liked the German E-100 and Panther II.

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Both of which weren’t “Paper Panzers” as the prototype hulls for both were actually built (the Panther II survives). But what was built just serves as a canvas for a lot of “What Iffery”. I wonder how long it will before someone notices a prototype Porsche Jagdtiger hull was provided for test-fitting proposed gas turbine motors…



It’s sort of funny watching everybody get so cranked about whether or not this is a good thing. Personally, I think it’s great that Takom is out here doing their own thing. I mean, in the space of what? two months? they’ve released that weird German jagdleopard A4, a silbervogel, an Ontos in 1/16, and now this Japanese tank that’s so obscure it literally took Finemolds doing some Indiana Jones moves just to find the blueprints. Takom is singlehandedly spicing up the market with kits that all feature really neat stuff.

And it’s not just Takom. Who would’ve thought we’d see Tamiya releasing a Comet (with those amazing looking tankers to boot!) Or how about Arma releasing Hurricanes with some of the better detail parts I’ve seen included with a kit in a while. Of course, there’s also Vespid, and Trumpeter with their pertinent T-72’s…

I’ve got a stack of old editions of Finescale Modeller in my little model library. I used to think “Wow! People had it so good in the 90’s! Look at all these obscure subjects being made.” It’s easy to think that the industry is stuck in a rut, some saying that companies are playing it too safe with the same old cats and Shermans, and others saying there is too much variety, and that traditional subjects are being left out. Honestly, I think the hobby has never been better. If you want a traditional kit? Bam, those small companies in China are sending out Tigers and Panthers with all the fixings in 1/48 scale. Hell, Andy’s Hobby Headquarters is helping release a 1/16 M4A3! Want something completely bonkers? We’ve got Takom running what must be a sweatshop of 100 designers working around the clock to bring out kits of vehicles I sure didn’t realize existed, or Vargas models 3D-printing a Bob Semple (looking at you @Panzer_modeler ), or even talented individuals like @Mousemuffins who singlehandedly designed and produce an entire tank.

Everyone is obviously entitled to whatever opinion they want on the Takom situation, but the cool thing about this hobby is that, if you’re not enthralled with the heavy what-ifs, there are literally dozens of other major companies cranking stuff out monthly.

There’s room for everybody and their likes! Now get building :wink: