Tales from the Bench

After a Looooong hiatus away from the bench I was able to pull off a somewhat productive week.

Kicked it off by pulling out an old Tamiya M5 Stuart practice build and did some weathering on it. This was relaxing and quite a lot of fun, putting me in a good mind set for the rest of the week.

Next up was some base and groundwork for my Egyptian T34/100. Slowly make progress on this one.

And lastly I start my obligatory Tiger I (Mid) build. This is the Trumpeter kit and I have to say it is rather nice. I was only going to clean and prep the roadwheels and track…but one thing leads to another…

Thoughts and feedback always welcome and Thanks for stopping by.


I see a pattern forming with your vehicles falling into pits lol.

Nice bit of work going on though. what sort of finish you going for with the Tiger ? and how will do the Zimm ? freehand or a aftermarket set ?

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Thanks Sir!

Actually Trumpeter provides the Zimm in the kit, which is one reason I went with that kit. It’s a thin sheet of styrene that is glued on using normal model cement. The major draw back is that the pattern is too uniform so I’ll have to come up with something to counter that effect.

Thanks again for the comments!

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What is the actual trumpy Tiger kit ? I like the fact it has the Zimm included…

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Here is the link to Scalemates for all the baseline Info on the kit

Trumpeter Tiger I Mid (09539)

This link is a build video of Trumpeter’s Tiger I Late but it’s basically the same kit and gives you an idea of how the zimm is applied and hw nice it looks build Out-of-the-Box.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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