Tamiya 1/12 F1 Lotus JPS mk 3

Hi all due to the kindness of Richard, this arrived today all the way from the US of A.

It looks an amazing kit, obviously since it was a kind donation I have decided to take greater care than I did with the RE20 first thing I noticed was the fuel lines are way out of scale they should be 8mm which scales down to 0.7mm roughly (slightly less than that its actually 0.67recuring) the supplied clear tubing is 1.33mm
After heating and stretching I have a very close

That is about all I will get done before the funeral.
I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this.


Congrats on the gift from Richard as the Tamiya 1/12 scale Lotus JPS MkIII is one great kit.

The JPS MkIII was the original name given for the 5 Lotus 78’s built of which the 1978 car piloted by Mario Andretti won the F1 drivers championship as well as the Constructor’s Championship.

I’ll be following your build every step of the way. At the rate that my 1/20 scale Tamiya Lotus type 79 is progressing, you’ll most likely cross the finish line before I do.


I think I build this model about 40 years ago but still fins i a (bear) perfect car.
One adviseert: Be carefull with the transfers. It light very well be that the ‘crack’ while making it wet due to its age. Curves can be made perfect with a vlotheid dampend above a hot steamsource and carefully dip it over the model with the transfer.
Good Luck.
I still have all the engines (Ferrari 2x, Cosworth and Renault turbo) as seperate items.

Not at home at the moment (father in laws funeral) (will be sadly missed) but before I left home I managed this much

Where would I find pics of this engine, I google it but all I get are pics of this kit in various stages of build.

Ford / Cosworth DFV I think - yes ?

Google : Ford / Cosworth DFV
Loads of images of the real thing and also video on YouTube

My sincerest condolences on the passing of your Father in Law. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. Mine was a true 2nd father to me especially once my Dad had passed.


Richard is absolutely correct that the Lotus 78 was powered by a Ford Cosworth DFV. Colin Chapman pushed Cosworth to increase the HP and Torque out put of the engine, which they did, but at a reliability cost with many DNFs as the result.


Thanks for the condolences Joel and thanks for the info both.

Hi all so heres the next installment.

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Excellent job on the bottom aluminum finish to the chassis. the all one way polishing marks actually makes quite a positive difference.

And the For Cosworth DFV is now starting to look like one should.


More progress on the engine and chassis.
I can’t believe these engines are the same scale considering they are similar CC’s


The chassis looks great. I really like how you used various shades of Aluminum when the type changes.


I agree with Joel. Great use of metallics. Always a shame it gets all covered up.


It’s hardly like it’s hard labour, I know it’s there though.

Now that’s a great positive attitude for sure. Well said, very well said.


More work on the engine of this, reducing the size of that clear tubing made it a real pain to get on but I do think it looks better.


those fuel injection lines do look good. I guess that they’re over sized to fit the injectors.


Excellent work Ken.

A suggestion. you might wish to tint the fuel lines with a yellow magic marker to simulate the fuel deposits in the lines, Joel.