Tamiya 1/35 churchill roadwheel

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a spare 1/35 lower roadwheel for a Churchill?. I purchased a second hand kit and once i got home realised one is missing.

Thanks, Nick

I may have an old built Churchill at home in the spares bin. If you are okay with one of those, I’ll check for you and let you know if I still have it.

Posting it to you in Oz will be a lot less than it cost me posting some AFV Club Scorpion tracks to a US based member here… :money_mouth_face:

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That would be amazing. I would be grateful for anything and am happy to compensate you and cover the cost of postage!

Thanks, Nick.

@Nickpal01. Sorry Nick I must have tossed it out at some stage. I found the fuel trailer, but not the Churchill itself. However, I did find the spares from an AFV Club Churchill. Will that suit you?

Hi @petbat, thankyou for looking. Yeah i would be grateful for the AFV CLUB wheel. Im sure i could make it work. I’ll send you a PM now.


Sorry Peter… Sadly they got lost in the mail and never arrived… :rofl:

Yes Ezra, I am sorry they never got there. Nick however, got the Churchill road wheel fine…