Tamiya 1/48 P 38 H work in progress

Hi all - wasn’t sure if I should post this in pre flight or here as I am not doing a full build log .
As I am sure most have heard ( and some experienced) this is just an amazing piece of engineering. Extremely complex airframe that just clicks together. Some reviewers have done just that - assembled the entire airframe without cement .
Everything I have done so far is straight out of the box with the exception of HGW micro fabric seat belts/ harness. This is my first time using them . They do look nice but they are difficult to pose as the fabric is stretchy and has memory. Eduard steel belts are a little easier in the posing respect.
I have a set of Pyn Up decals that I will use as well - otherwise OOB.

Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.


Very cool! Definitely following!

Wow you’ve done an outstanding build! That P-38 looks killer!

Much respect the P-38 airframe has to be one of the more difficult kits for any manufacturer to get right and modeler to assemble well!

Merry Christmas to all .
A little progress - all assemblies largely done.
All primed in Stynylrez grey - pre shading started on airframe.
I don’t know about others but I find the pre shading phase troubling because it looks like a sloppy mess and I am always anxious to get it covered up .


Neutral grey going on -


Some more progress - Neutral Grey and Olive Drab paint done . All Gunze Aqueous over Stynylrez Grey primer pre shaded with Stynylrez Black . Neutral Grey panels post shaded with base color lightened with white. Olive Drab panels post shaded with base color lightened with Dark Yellow in two shades , lightest going on top surfaces only.
Neutral Grey masked with masking putty - demarcation line softened freehand with Tamiya ( really Iwata ) Superfine airbrush .
This was a difficult airframe to paint because of having to work around the booms and all the stuff jutting out along the demarcation line.

Next up - clear coat , panel line wash & decals .
Thanks for looking!


She’s coming along really nice, Richard! The P-38 is one of my favourite airplanes of WW 2 but I will step back from getting the Tamiya kit. Still have about 10 Academy Lightnings in my stash that are shouting at me “build me” … :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Torsten - sell the Academy kits and buy the Tamiya kit - you won’t be sorry . It is without doubt the best model aircraft kit I have ever built and I have been doing it for 60 plus years now !
Cheers - Richard

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Nice work indeed, Richard! I’m working on the G kit myself now, but am just finishing up the pre-painting work prior to beginning construction. After everything I’ve read, I’m really looking forward to it!

I’ve actually seen one of the F/G kit markings on the ground and in the air here in Colorado Springs. White 33 was rebuilt here and was part of the National Museum of WWII Aviation. It’s in its original markings and flew during an airshow here in 2019 and Tamiya clearly studied it for the kit (the museum logo is on the box.) Pretty sure I’ll have to build that one at some point.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Michael - PM sent

Decals on - a lot of them
120 individual stencils on airframe
12 individual stencils on props
8 individual stencils on droptanks
3 individual stencils on landing gear
4 national insignia
4 numbers
2 nose art
Do the math - I’m too tired LOL

Now for another clear gloss coat to mask the carrier film a bit and then dull coat.
Thanks for looking!


Don’t know what happened but this image didn’t come through…


Great work, Richard! Now you can slowly open the hangar doors already.

Btw, I felt about the same after applying the stencils on my Cobra-builds. It also felt like 1000 of it … :yawning_face:

Coming down the home stretch.
Paint work done - one clear gloss coat after decals
then flat coat followed by dusting with highly thinned dark yellow to tone down decals.

Thanks for looking


I’ve been working on a base - MDF sealed & painted Hunter Green . Photo etch Marston mat from Tom’s Model Works , Ground work is glass oxide from my blast cabinet mixed with MIG pigment. All cemented with Scenic Cement.
Making bases is very enjoyable for me and they are pretty much a necessity if you are going to rig antenna wires so the model can be handled.



Looks awesome!

Yes, that looks great, Richard! Both, the plane and the base … :+1:

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Thanks gentlemen for the compliments !

WOW!!! That…looks great!!!

I’m very tempted by this kit. You’ve done a wonderful job on it. I’ve been hoping they would do a “J” in Robin Olds’ markings, but I might need to go with an earlier version…

Quick question on your mdf. You said you sealed it and then painted. What do you seal it with? I have some thinner mdf bases which I think are in danger of warping when they take paint. I sealed one with multiple thin coats of mr surfacer, but am always looking for new techniques…