Tamiya 1/48 P 38 H work in progress

Thanks Joe !

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Thanks for the kind words Phil .
Buy this kit and build it . It is without doubt the best fitting, fun to assemble kit I have ever built - just amazing.
I sealed the MDF with acrylic polyurethane- a couple coats done with a foam brush and fuzz knocked down with a Scotchbrite pad inbetween coats - simple as can be . I have always found MDF to be very stable . Moisture will swell it so be sure to seal ALL surfaces/edges.
Cheers - Richard

Here are some pics of the completed P 38-


Wow! That looks amazing!
Thats definitely a winner!

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The P-38 is one of my all time favourite warbirds. Great build, Richard! :+1:

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Seriously awesome finish Sir!

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looks great richard. great paint and weathering. base looks great too.