Tamiya 1/48 Zero A6M2

clear coat enamel?

Yes it was.

thats the trigger :slight_smile:

I wonder, would putting down a coat of future, decals then a enamel clear coat work?

I have a bottle of future sitting around here that I still havent used because I keep forgetting the mix levels lol. So I have no idea.

I have two opinions on this. Fact, I used model masters primer. Vallejo arcylic. Then Vallejo matt varnish.

I did test with using enamel testors rattle can. yes it can make it bleed thru. But in my testing depending on how thin your lines are and level of top coat I think I can work around it still. meaning understanding some bleed thru and adjusting for it. Using different shades of primer for example.

This was my second plane. I bought it just to try this and other things out on for the B 17 I have soon. From what I learned I will be following the same idea.

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Worked on the base stand today. this is what I came up with after experimenting.

With the color scheme the idea is of the zero taking off at the end near the beach.

I think with the rod placement it will allow for some ideas for the other planes I have coming up. I have already painted the rods and will be doing more pigment on them to try and give the look of rusted poles.




That looks great!

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Now you just need the pilot figureā€¦ found these items on Scalemates. The Modelkasten Rabaul set looks very temptingā€¦


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