Tamiya acrylics

It’s because with it’s combination of glycol alcohol, ammonia, and detergent, Windex just destroys Tamiya paint on contact. If you have a model that you need to strip that’s painted with Tamiya, just immerse it in Windex and watch the paint disappear!
And yes, @Mead93 is correct, lacquer thinner is at the top of the food chain for airbrush cleaners. No matter what you’ve shot through your airbrush, you can clean it out with lacquer thinner.

Even hardware store stuff ? In my little mine , Lacquer is lacquer , Isn’t it ?

For cleaning, yes, hardware store stuff. For painting I recommend Mr. Color Levelling Thinner.


It certainly is inexpensive & I will try it .Is the " Levelling " moniker in it’s name describing it’s slower drying ? { that’s sound like a good thing good thing .}. Since I hope to go back to M/C & auto , I prefer a silky finish. k.

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Yes, as far as I know the levelling thinner is lacquer thinner with a touch of retarder that helps the paint get a smooth finish. I use Tamiya yellow cap, but when I run out I’ll switch to the mr levelling thinner. Other people swear by it

That’s what I needed to know. Thank You Mead.

The Mr. Color Leveling Thinner is lacquer and is, as it’s name implies, self-levelling, meaning that when airbrushed with Tamiya or AK Real Color it leaves a super smooth, hard, perfect paint surface. It also gives you a perfect, trouble free, flawless airbrushing experience. No clogging or tip dry, just airbrushing bliss.


Yeah, the levelling thinner is like a magic potion. I’ve used it for a while now and love it. I’ve even sprayed it neat when I’ve had a slightly grainy finish from post highlighting, which if done carefully smooths out the finish. I also tend to add a little clear gloss to Tamiya matt paints to make them more satin for later weathering, etc.

Oh and if you are wondering about the 110, 250 and 400 alternatives, that’s just the amount in the bottle, exactly the same stuff.

And if you like to use primer the Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 is the best I have used, thin it 50:50 with levelling thinner and spray away!

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