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New 1/48 British 2-Ton 4x2 Ambulance from Tamiya

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From the sprue shots, no interior or opening rear doors :thinking:
Still going to get one on order though

Nice! I’ll get one. Suits well to my RAF aircraft … :slightly_smiling_face:

Odd they didn’t do an interior, even the old 1/76 Airfix kit had an interior. However they do provide a driver, which is something I’ve always liked about Tamiya, there’s always a driver or other figure with all their kits. I always think a vehicle without attendant figures doesn’t give a true idea of scale, or give the vehicle a “life” as it were.


Usual poor and superficial Tamiya research on British markings - they never seem to learn- means that you will have to find correct markings from another source. Not easy in 1/48 scale.

Also despite the (Army marked) K2/Y being shown on the boxart with a Lancaster in the background, the RAF didn’t actually use these till after the war, preferring the AM463 and Fordson WOT1 alternatives.

The USAAF did use Reverse Lend-Lease K2/Y’s, so one will find its way to my collection of RAF/USAAF Airfield vehicles