Tamiya Centurion - 1/16th?

Rumors & Pics of a new Tamiya Centurion in 1/16th - Possible new Tamiya 1/16th scale British Centurion - RCU Forums -

Last rumor I heard re Tamiya was that they were getting out of 1/16th, so slight change of direction…

Interesting take on the mantlet covers - 2nd cover in lower pics.


For a Tamiya kit, it looks pretty simple. As if they just scaled their old Centurion kit up. And the surroundings don`t look like Shizuoka, rather a local RC Club meeting.

Actually it looks very like the 1/35 (1971) & 1/25 (1972) Tamiya Cents, but 49 & 50 yrs late respectively (Dates taken off the bottom of each model), but with little to no detail update. Same decals set appears to have been used, I did notice they’ve improved the double tow rope, appears it might be string?

The mantlet cover is an odd way of handling elevation & depression. The open pin design of the tracks is odd too, possibly plastic tracks? The photo of the model being held suggests there is little weight in the model, metal tracks would have made that shot very difficult.
No doubt more will be revealed as time goes by.

Haya UK have been working on a 1/16th Centurion for a little while now - Centurion update - Page 2 - RCU Forums - hopefully this will not throw a spanner into those plans?


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Latest rumor - to be available in December - 4 days away - having been in production since February.

Guess we’ll know either way soon?


Bit more than a rumour - タミヤ 1/16 RCタンクシリーズ イギリス戦車 センチュリオンMk.III フルオペレーション (プロポ付) | タミヤ -
Due for release 25 December


£801.49… I think thats a bit out of my league… LOL

& then, there’s shipping…

But if that worries you, try 1/6th scale - like Armortek, you can add a zero for the cheap ones