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The new 1/35 kit from Tamiya is a Soviet KV-2

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Ha! I knew it! My hinting worked!

(don’t tell my unbuilt trumpeter kit. I’ll have to break it to her gently when I figure out how…)

Anybody know what “yeet delete” would be in Russian Cyrillic?

Wait. Google to the rescue.

да удалить!

SO painting that on the side…


I will say the Trumpeter KV-2’s are nice and accurate OOB, even I finished one and I seem to never finish any kit. I will probably get the Tamiya kit as I will like to build another but in general where an upgrade to a Tamiya is an added value not sure this is one of those times. The figures and poses look nice.

Happy to see Tamiya release a new KV-2. This puts my 9+ week abstinence from kit purchases at future risk. However, my personal boycott of Chinese goods can remain intact.


Man, this is dangerous! And so close to Christmas too… Perhaps this will have to be my gift to myself, that and some lessons in Cyrillic so I can paint rude words on the side :wink:

No worries about that. With the backlog in shipping, you are looking at June…maybe.

I did their 1/48 version several years ago,but it was one of the early ones with the metal chassis