Tamiya M113 in Vietnam, need vinyl tracks

has anyone got a set of rubber tracks for the tamiya mii3 in vietnam–i have painted the model and have painted the tracks and mislaid them-searched everywhere, also cant find the decals. if anyone can help please get in touch. thank you.

Hey William, I have a set of Academy 1/35 M113 vinyl tracks I can send you. I also may have a set of indy link if you want. PM me if your interested.

thank you -i have found the tracks-just need the decals-what is indy link?

Indy link is just the short way to say individual track links. You can get better results/sag with them.

These are indy links built on on one of my WIP models.

Im sorry I dont have the decals.

Hello William, do you happen to know the kit number? If it’s Tamiya 1/35 Scale Series No. 40, Item 35040-1100 (circa 1980 something) you might be in luck. The decal sheet has markings for both an American and German vehicle plus interior marking for the engine cover plates.

Let me know if these help.

another nice feature of indy-link tracks is that they are not under tension.
“Rubber band” tracks can pull idler and sprocket wheels crooked.
An Italeri Kangaro I built back in the 90’ies flipped on its side when the track broke. I had
glued the bogies in position for a flat surface but the Italeri tracks did NOT like this, they wanted to assume a flattened oval shape, not two straight lines connected by two sharp turns.
The softer band-tracks can sag inwards between the two sides of a sprocket wheel.

Indy-links is more work, significantly more work, but fixing broken axles and repairing a kit when the tracks have attacked isn’t fun either. Indy-links can be tamed with a little training just don’t fall for the marketing blurbs about workable tracks. Glueing them solid after shaping them results in a more durable track.

yep-- these are the ones.

I’ve sent a message.

if you’ve got some cash to splash, you could get fruil tracks, particularly if you like mind numbing drudgery of assembling tracks, track by track. :joy: