Tamiya M113 in vietnam

hi there-i am looking for decals for tamiya m113-i asked before and got a reply from someone who had them but when i tried to reply-i couldnt do it ? if anyone has them or knows where i can get them–please let me know. --its the early tamiya m113 in vietnam–thank you.

Are you talking about the early M113 kit or the ACAV kit? The first just has generic markings and the other has VN specific markings. Also Star Decals and others make VN specific sets. Wayne

Hello William,

I replied previously and still have the decals. I’m happy to send them to you. Send me a message with your address and I’ll post them. If I remember correctly: for a private message, left click on my name (top left of this post) and select message.
If my memory has failed can someone please provide the correct private message instructions? Looking forward to hearing from you.


the early kit was not really anything seen in the combat zone. Of course you won’t see the powerpack unless you intend to leave it exposed. The Tamiya kit gives you a nice little early sixties state side track.
The ones used in RVN had the water steer box removed, and most had a diesel engine (there were a very few gas engine tracks down by the rubber plantations). The gear box they supply is the wrong one! That’s the very early one that was done away with. The one used looks like a typical automotive automatic transmission, but maybe 15% bigger physically. Not positive, but also think the exhaust pipe is different.