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Tamiya announces a new M18 Hellcat

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this looks to be an interesting development, will it be out in time for Xmas?

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YES! M-18’s rule! I hope it’s dimensionally accurate. I have the Academy and AFV Club releases and have been pondering which to build until this morning. This is a nice surprise! Way to go Big T! Following on from their M-10 but nobody could have accurately predicted this. This kit looks beautiful and I already see opportunity for the 3D printers and PE companies to have their business too.

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Hobbyeasy has it release on 1/30/22


I wonder if Tamiya will include the fenders and the manlet sans the canvas.

Not what I was expecting, but happy with that. Now can they get on with a few more modern ones?

Hopefully, the M39 Personel Carrier will follow.

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Nice to see the big T cranking out new kits! The M2 on this one is looking pretty good as well. Now let’s have some Canadian stuff!

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Anybody want to buy an Academy M18? :unamused:


Definitely putting this on the wishlist; need to build up my stash of WW2 US armor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if they are taking requests for other new kits how about a 1/35 Nebelwerfer? Anyhoo, looks like a nice kit; will be looking to get one.

Well played, Tamiya!

Pity they aren’t bringing out a tiger or panther.




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Hah! Brilliant!

A tank crush’s a vehicle when it backs over it, a tank destroyer eats or births it. :joy:

I keep hoping for a set of pointing German figures. Let’s see, maybe one of a: Heers; Afrika Korps; Fallschirmjager; winter clothing; SS; panzertruppen; early uniform; late uniform.

Mr T is not particularly known for maximising their molds a la Miniart, and indeed others. Fingers crossed they’ll see the value/market.

Yes Fred I too have had on my wish list pointing soldiers- of any army mind you - to round out my stash !

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Nicely modelled and textured canvass cover. I assume the gun will not be able to elevate because of that - no big deal! Still, disappointed by the lack of a gun crew!
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