Tamiya M18 Hellcat available in US

As of late last night ScaleHobbyist had it in stock for less than $40.00.


Yes! Those shipping containers finally got unpacked! I got notice yesterday that mine was on it’s way finally.

Finally! My LHS got them in today too. Only$38.00, so I bought two. :grinning:

The sad part is there is a website off of Scalemates.com that is listing the kit for $72.99. I believe this is price gouging as I paid a little over $40 for mine.

For that price I got the new M18 and KV-2 from Tamiya.

Where do you live? Where is this Hobby store located?

ScaleHobbyist is an internet based retailer- great service and pricing.

Oops - my bad . Just saw you were referring to dwnrng44’s post

I’m in Metro Detroit. Great Lakes Hobby is in Sterling Heights. Scalehobbist is a great company too. I’ve ordered lots from them.

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Thanks. I will check them both out. When I do mail orders I like to order from places in the U.S.