Tamiya M3 Stuart

It’s the end of semester, students are being students, marking is mostly done. Time for a Tamiya kit and bit of a lie down.

No photo etch. No Resin* No metal barrels and no aftermarket tracks. I thinned the headlight guards a bit I guess?

Didn’t even cover it in paint chips. Still a few details to fix up and I seem to have misplaced the axe off the back. Can’t even blame that on the carpet monster. Clipped it off, put it down somewhere, gone.

I plan to put the figure in when I get a chance.

*I did play around with 3D printing some tool straps, but they’re fairly insignificant.


Looks great! Seems like it was just a simple fun relaxing build!

Soooo simple. Possible exception for the folded MG tripod on the fender which was quite fiddly.

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I know what you mean! Im building the Tamiya M151 pretty much OOB and its very simple and relaxing to do.

And it still looks good!

I have actually reverted to mostly building OOTB and/or using the older kits. A bit back to basics without all the stress and hassle of modernday kits. Just enjoying the building for a few bucks.

I received that kit for free in a drawing but I only build German armor. However, the old site started a captured vehicle campaign right as I got the kit so I built it as a beutepanzer. Easiest campaign build yet.; it does fall together in typical Tamiya fashion.

It is a great kit. Baffles me that their older Stuart kits (the M8) for example are still sold with the old, incorrect tracks when they could just swap out these much newer ones.