Tamiya M47 Kit

I remember looking up the Takom M47 kit, which got a good Armorama review. Fortunately I also took care to read the responding posts and one commenter pointed out that unlike the old Italeri kit, the Takom version had a seriously inaccurate hull. One potential bullet dodged.

So anybody know what the story is on Tamiya’s M47?

I looked on Scalemates and it seems to be the Italeri kit with an added figure and some updated parts. Tree D is specific to the West German M47 with smoke grenade launchers, mantlet cover, and convoy light. I assume it is an Italeri tree. The added parts from Tamiya are a figure, some stowage boxes, and a multi-part .50 cal. M2.

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The problem with the Takom hull is merely the shape of the glacis casting around the MG bulge. It is not what I would call “seriously inaccurate” because it is limited to a small area and readily repairable. In all other respects the Takom kit is about 40 years better than the Italeri kit.