Tamiya new armor kit!

For sure,mine had to be 8-10 years ago,they sure used to fill up a box those older Dragon kits.

They took out the good stuff so they could do 3-in-1 kits and shove more similarly-named sprues in there. Who needs one ‘A’ sprue when three of them – all different – are available?


Tons of $$ if you can find one

I have the same angel and devil on either shoulder, but I will give my wife her due credit. She bought me a surprise from my local hobby shop, the Meng Leopard 1 A3/A4. I was proud of her, first, for her actually visit the shop, then buying the correct kit! God bless her!!!



You brought a tear to my eye.

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I looked on ebay yesterday. The cheapest one was $79 plus shipping.

I think I paid $25 for mine at a shop in Midtown Manhattan.

I have seen pics of the late war figures from Tamiya on the Japanese part of their website. They are something to behold. Even saw that they did newly molded K-43’s.

They do look sweet!

Anyone knows hat´s happening with his kit? Is only avaliable in Europe. No japanese hobby shops have it, even in pre-order!!!

Didn’t Tamiya move most/all of their Philippines based operations back to Japan because of pandemic related logistics issues?

If so Tamiya may need to do a roll out for the new release for Europe, Asia & North America that’s spaced out to avoid overwhelming manufacturing capacity.

Boy, I recognize that refrain! My wife says the same thing verbatim! Buy the kit / /


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