Tamiya Pz IV Ausf D, 9SS Panzer Division 1943

During their working up in 1943, 9SS PzR were issued with a motley assortment of obsolete vehicles to train their crews on. This vehicle is taken from a series of pictures in the unit history. It appears darker than other vehicles so it would seem to be in the original Panzergrau. The heart on the mudguard comes from the photo, but obviously I didn’t know what colour, could have been blue, green or red. I opted for red as that’s what the tone suggested, also for better contrast. All paints Humbrol. The crew will be added later when they are finished. We do know from the captions that the commander was Danish! For this reason the photo was originally presumed to refer to “Wiking”, but this is now corrected.


I like the old Pz IV very much and the red heart is the perfect eye candy!:+1: Very nicely done contrasting to pop the details.

Is that the 70’s vintage Tamiya PZ IVD?

It sure is. Under the hull there are still the voids, but you can’t see them with the tracks on (except in picture 2)! Thanks for the nice comments.

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Beautiful job again. Did you do some light dry brushing? It really brings out the small detail on the kit.