Tamiya Rover 7

Unless the molds are all gone, you would think that Tamiya would bring back production of their old Rover 7 ambulance, and maybe ditch the figures. FC Model makes replacement wheels and I should think the vehicle would sell well enough.

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Well it can still be found in some hobby shops and Ebay.
If your looking for one:

Oh, there are enough old kits around. I wondered why Tamiya stopped makiog them.

Most (if not all) kit manufacturers work that way. They put the moulds in the machine, run off however many thousand they want, send the runners for packaging, then take the moulds off and put on new ones. It’s far more efficient to do it that way than to be continually changing moulds after running a few hundred copies of every kit in the catalogue and having to deal with small quantities of lots of different kits, boxes, instructions and decals all the time.

That’s why kits sometimes seem to disappear for a while - there may well be examples around somewhere in the world but not necessarily in the linear chain between where you are and where the manufacturer is.

What the hell???!!!


I agree with Brian, something I’ve been chasing for years a. Rearer than rocking horse manure and even then at exorbitant prices.