Tamiya T55A

Needed an easy build although it wasn’t exactly quick. Tamiya has made grooves in the tires where there should be ribs. I sanded the grooves smooth on the running surfaces and used stretched sprue to fil the grooves on the sidewalls and create the ribs. Also added the pluming to the fender mounted fuel tanks using wire and masking tape coated with CA for the connecters. Replaced the kit barrel with one from DEF and the kit tracks with indy links from MsterClub.

Painted using Tamiya acrylics thinned with their lacquer thinner. A flat black preshade was used followed by a custom mix of the green applied randomly. A post shade of the lighten green was then applied also somewhat randomly. This was followed by a filter of the original green to tie everything together and reduce the sharp contrast. Kit decals were applied after a coat of clear gloss then sealed with the same. An over all dark brown was then applied and worked with a Q-tip to achieve the stains etc. This was followed with a pinwash around raised details and finally light dry brushing of the raised details. Some further detail painting was done to add rust and enhance some of the streaking and then AB with Tamiya clear flat. Pastels were used to create the exhaust stains and rust on the heat shroud. A combination of pastels and AB work replicated the dust.

Thanks for looking and of course all comments are appreciated.


Looks GREAT!..the painting and weathering…TOP NOTCH!

Now that is nice - very nice indeed. 'Love it.

All I would say is add an antenna (unless you’re pushed for storage/display/shelf space).

The more Warsaw Pact armour the better!

You got it.

Ooer - now I feel guilty(!)

Seriously though, I just feel that model AFVs, once they have antennae
just look that bit more business-like - you know, that sort of ready for the working day thing.

An absolute cracking model.

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Looks fantastic! Very nice work plumling the fuel tanks. Good catch & fix on the wheels too.

very effective job!
I simply suggest you to add some stay of diesel in the tanks and over the engine deck, clearly it is my opinion

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Great job DV, nice work fixing the wheels and the fuel tank detailing adds so much. Paint has that real WARSAW Pact faded look as well. :+1::+1:

Thanks for catching that. I usually add fuel spill stains but just overlooked them for some reason.

Thanks all for all the positive comments.

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Outstanding as usual ! Fantastic finish

Really like the finish you’ve managed on this- you’ve got just the right amount of weathering to show off every little detail but also to make it look fairly well used- bravo!