Tamiya's Willys MB

Meng produces a newer Willys MB Jeep, but it is more expensive and I wonder if it is an improvement over Tamiya’s older kit. And how good is the Tamiya kit, which is less expensive and readily available?

The knock on the Tamiya Jeep was the hood T handles which can easily be made. I think it might also be missing the petals. I would have to look again. The Meng is nice the with the T handles but the rear tub join is just weird. The wheels are classic half style where T’s are solid with inserts. Meng gives you two weapon choices and T’s is just the .30 cal. T has a figure and Meng unless it’s the Mao boxing no figure. Some of the details might be a little more refined on the Meng but depending on what you want from the project the Tamiya will be good enough or not worth the extra money. I have both plus the Miniart and Takom. Tamiya is a good basic Jeep.

Just make sure the Tamiya kit is this boxing

This Tamiya boxing is the old Italeri kit. Ok but not great.


I built the Tamiya kit ( non Italeri ) some years ago and it was yet another one of their examples of excellent engineering- just fell together.
Can’t speak for the others as I only have built the T.

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Thanks for the heads up, unless I want a gun jeep I will go with Tamiya!

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Both kits have option to be a slick or gun truck. T is only .30 cal, Meng is .30 and .50 cal.