Tank crew for an US M-41

Hi all,
I am completing a US M-41 of AFV in the late '50s. I was thinking to add some figure. How were the uniforms of the US tank crews in that timeframe? Did they use infantry helmets?
Thank you for any suggestion.

Massimo, see the thread “Takom M103A1 & A2” posted elsewhere (I’m afraid I don’t know how to link that); scroll down and you’ll see a bit by me reference crew uniforms and equipment; hopefully it will help. A fair bit of work for any figures but not impossible.

You may also appreciate this picture if you haven’t seen it before:

(courtesy of the USAREUR website)

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Here you go:

M103A1 & A2 from Takom | Armorama™ - Site Content Discussions / Armorama - KitMaker Network

Thanks Gino - I promise to buck up!

(actually, how does one undertake this, probably quite simple task?)

Really easy. Go to the post you want to link to, highlight and copy the http code at the top, paste it into your topic.

This will take you directly to the exact part of the post you want to show.

Roger that Gino, thanks. On a good day I should have been able to figure that out - on a good day that is!

Thank you both, it is just what I needed. Seems that even the infantry helmet is still a possibility.
The flexible tracks from the kit are giving some difficulties, perhaps I’ll look for the set of working tracks from AFV or some other producer.

You don’t mention what your base kit is, but you may benefit from these tracks from AFV Club; not as time consuming as individual links but still very effective, in my opinion:

I’m sure that crew members would still use (and stow) steel helmets amongst their personal kit, but I feel that in the 50s on a day to day basis a, crew helmet would be the most representative.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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my kit is an AFV club, has already those flexible tracks and I thought that they were acceptable. Instruction sheet says that they are gluable, but no any glue was able to make the miracle. Besides one could think to make a junction with an hot screwdriver, but the pins were too short to be melted. Then I had to join them with wire. Not very good. Today I have installed them, but they aren’t tensioned, one should shorten them by one link. I don’t know if I’ll make this, it could result worse. Maybe as a last attempt before buying new tracks…