Tank Workshop?

I’ve been trying to do an order with them and getting no response to emails. I was kind of curious, also noting that no prices are listed on their website. Anyone been able to place an order from them recently?

Tank Workshop is not selling anymore. From what I understand the owner wants to sell off the business. But no takers yet. It’s a shame as TW along with TMD were some of my go-to aftermarket vendors.


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hey… tank workshop… what if I made a dio of a tank assembly line?

There’s bits and pieces on Amazon

I would watch that with interest! :joy:

it’ll be a while before I do… well, until I can get 1 Sherman with an interior and one without.
see, the plan would be to have it where it is at the end of the manufacturing plant, and one would have the turret on, and the other would have a crane lifting the turret into place. I think I’ll do it!

the interior included one would be second in line. the whole reason to do that is to show the inside.

They’ve been out of business for a couple years.

Thanks. The website sure looks good though… All I really wanted was a “Jumbo” final drive cover. I’ll shop around, see what’s left on Amazon, or even Ebay…
Edit: Found on Ebay, thanks all.

Have you tried TMD?

Yes, but they don’t make a Jumbo conversion or FDA cover. I will say that they responded QUICKLY and I did order some other stuff from them.

Order the sprue from Asuka/Tasca.

That would have been clever of me had I remembered… I have ordered from them before, good service too. I have the TWS conversion on the way though.