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A great, complete guide to finishing German armor of WWII.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/tankart-1-3rd-edition-german-armor-by-michael-rinaldi-and-lester-plaskitt-

I have all 4 of the first editions and they are great references !
What makes the third edition different from the first editions?
Different enough to make it worthwhile updating my library?


Casemate’s website (they supplied the book) writes,

The 3rd Edition of TANKART 1 German Armor book…, expanded with 2 additional model chapters to 288-pages in length. Inside the original models; Befehls Panther G, Tiger I Initial, Sd.Kfz 251/22 Pakwagen, Hetzer, and Panzer IV DAK are presented in an updated and refined layout.

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Thanks Fred for the quick response !
I don’t know if I can “pull the trigger” on this one. I wish the new chapters would of been released as Tank Art volume 5. The series are great inspiration!

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I totally agree with this!

I have all of the first edition volumes and have bought a couple of the subsequent editions (while giving away the earlier ones). I do appreciate Rinaldi’s effort to keep the series fresh and updated, but really, assembling and publishing all of the updates in single new volumes would be a much better approach (while continuing to offer reprints of the earlier ones for new fans).

I love and admire Mike’s style and technique, and much appreciate his independent approach to materials and techniques, placing more emphasis on the TYPE of finishing materials rather than on the BRAND of materials or products. He also continues to be an innovator with techniques and procedures. He has much to offer in the way of example, motivation, and inspiration.

Unfortunately, for me, I just can’t justify the expense of buying entire new volumes of his work for a small amount of updated or new material. I understand the challenge of trying to balance marketing, publishing and sustaining a viable profit margin. I also understand the division of the series by national subject blocks, since many modelers only build within limited subject areas and consequently want to be able to buy a single book that shows only those types of subjects.

However, this approach with subsequent volume editions doesn’t work for anyone who realizes that technique and materials are independent of subject preference and bias. What works for German armor also works equally well for Russian or Allied or Modern armor. The original series is somewhat progressive, and each of the original volumes introduced and demonstrated either new techniques or new variations of techniques previously shown. In this regard, it was (and still is) worth getting all of the volumes of the series.

Unfortunately, for me, there’s just not enough “juice to justify the squeeze” in buying new edition after new edition for just a few new tidbits no matter how much I admire Rinaldi’s work and style. On the other hand, if he was releasing a new volume 5 or 6 with all new content (perhaps moving on from the single national subject concentration)…

Well, that would be a “whole 'nuther other, brother.”


I agree Mike. I have nearly all of this early TA works and single model series. Really would like his Technique series and the mythical Sci-fi pdf to come out.


Yea, I know it’s hard to tell (LOL!), but I really am a fan of his work, regardless of genre or subject. And that’s saying a lot for anyone who knows me. I’m a really hard guy to impress when it comes to scale modeling.

However, I’ve always really appreciated Rinaldi’s independence from the trend that a lot of other talented modeling “personalities” seem to follow with their sponsors and/or branding their own products, etc. It seems like Mike has always put the “art” before the “brand” and before shilling for this or that magic finishing potion or lotion. I don’t know… Seems kind of ethical and admirable in addition to talented.

I suppose his TA books are his “bread and butter,” so I suppose it’s no surprise that he keeps updating them rather than publishing entirely new volumes. Still, that’s a disappointing approach, at least from my point of view.


Well put Mike !
I’d buy a Volume 5 in a heart beat if it was all new material, even with all the delivery issues I had with the first 4 books!
These books are so full of tips, techniques and inspiration and a must for any serious builder’s library!
C’mon Mike Rinaldi give us a new book !


I’m new here. This is my first post/inquiry.

Where are these books sold?


Hello Stephen, welcome to the site.
You can get them directly from the author/publisher here:

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I quiet agree with all of the comments shown with regards to updating each volume with new or improved versions of work but although I have not bought any of these books I agree I rather see additional volumes added rather than just adding to the existing volumes and with excessive price tag now applied has put me off and probably a lot of new modelers who are just starting out. But I still admire the work and effort put into the original 4 books and will one day get around into buying them. :sunglasses: