Tanks, Trucks and Firepower

Hi there! These are some photos from a local show about 40 miles from us. We went there last Sunday. There is a mixture of vehicles including some from WW2, but tends to be heavier on Cold - Modern vehicles, due to the scarcity of the older stuff. Hopefully these may be of help or interest to somebody! I can only upload 5 at a time so will spread them out. Starting out with a WW2 French Resistance display.

Next lot, assorted tanks and APCs in the arena.

Last of the arena, some from 82nd Airborne re-enactors. The “What one man carried on D-Day” display was by Royal Warwickshire Regiment re-enactors.

German re-enactors, 9SS “Hohenstaufen” Division. Wonder why I included them?!

Don’t know how the Chieftain crept in there! The Merc is a film star having featured in several WW2 films starting with “Where Eagles Dare”. It now has a very spurious rear bed on which resembles an Sdkfz7! Next to it is a 1950s Borgward dressed up to look like a Kfz15.

Next lot is a Gebirgsjager display with some rare motorcycles and a chap re-enacting a WW2 German Field Chaplain!

RR Meteor tank engine, Wombat RR, Stalwart and 25 Pounder field gun.

Not quite sure what this is. It purports to be a WW2 6 wheel Merc, but the wheels look wrong to me, it may be an American chassis. BSA M20 motorcycle and (fibreglass?) Spitfire.

Messerschmidt 109 and more arena action, attempting to destroy a caravan with a Warrior…

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Looks good … Think that Warrior is a good old CVRT :+1:

British WW2 C15 Armoured vehicle, US Lee outside and two shots down the sponson.

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Yes, now I look at it you’re right. In fact the caravan actually did some damage in revenge, it knocked the vision device off the driver’s hatch! The Warriors are earlier on in the sequence, they had some prototypes which never got issued.

Saracen, Universal Carrier, Saladin and AEC Matador.


Nice pics, thanks for sharing…

Great looking show- a lot of well kept vehicles from different eras. Thanks for posting.

Looks like a very enjoyable afternoon browsing thru the displays. Appreciate you sharing these!