Telford scalemodel world

Anybody going there this year?

We just decided not to go… footage of traffic jams at petrol stations, the need for an international passport, uncertainty about bringing stuff to the UK and taking it back home …

with other words, Brexit is ruining the highlight of the modelling year… quite a bummer.

You just need to prepare as if you are going on an expedition/adventure to some thirld world country
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Bring your own petrol, freeze-dried food (they have water but it may need to be purified before use), maybe a butane heater in case the hotels have run out of power for heating

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I live in the UK and find Telford too much of a hike - I can’t imagine coming in from outside! On the bright side the fuel crisis, like all media-manufactured panics, has fizzled away now that everybody has filled up…

True, it’s quite a trip. But that is exactly why it is so much fun. Travel from Belgium with 11 fellow modellers on a friday, visit a museum on the way to Telford, have a beer together, dream and discuss of mountains of models, be abslutely baffled by the quality of the models on display … and buy “a few” things.

With Brexit, some people simply refuse to go to the UK out of “principle”. Others simply feel as being most unwelcome in the UK.

We all ook at the financial picture. Paying 100 euro for an otherwise completely useless international passport negates all profits made of buying slightly cheaper at the show.

And video’s of people fighting at petrol stations does not help either, even when that is already a thing of the past.

But I guess we have to stop this conversation. I have no intention to have a Brexit row here.

IPMS Kitmaker British Bulldogs will still be attending, as the first official internet based IPMS (Kitmaker hosted) club our annual physical meeting is at Telford.

Fuel crisis is now in Russia going by the news.

everything is fine with fuel in our country :wink: