Test and re-activation of Model Shipyard

Dear Shipwrights Community!

Now it seams I have missed out on the opportunity for a final round of comments in the old forum, at least it doesn’t let me log in. Probably already archived or in progress of. Well…

Thomas (Black_sheep), if you’re reading this, congratulations to your commissioning of the Schleswig-Holstein, I’m sorry I didn’t comment any more, this is a superb build and yours as usual a fine build log. Brilliant work!!

I hope to see other build logs continued here, like Si’s Exeter and many others, and I try to be a little more proactive here myself, even though time is still short.

But I re-activated my workbench today, after cleaning up and reorganizing what had become a mess. So I use that to try my first started post here with some pictures, and try a little familiarization with the new site :nerd_face:

You’ll see some styrene and some hints to where I’ll go with my next build log, but maybe it will still be a little surprise :sunglasses:

That being said, I should start my next glacier speed build log in the new forum within the next days, hope to see you there!


Workbench 2 Workbench 1 Workbench 5 Workbench 4 Workbench 3

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I assume that the bottles in that rack are used to steady your hand when doing delicate detail work? :wink:

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Ah well…more like afterwards :crazy_face: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: and whenever you ‘snap’ some tiny part into eternity, it helps :innocent:

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