Test Post and Picture, Something I did A while back


Very cool, just got hold of the Takom M60A1, the one without reactive armor, seriously thinking about replacing all my M60’s with it, including my own CEV conversion

Man that’s a gorgeous model. I like the dozer blade, the rust and the mud. Great paint job, too.

Very impressive build and great detailing. Is it a demolition gun fitted or a dummy one ?

Demolition gun Johnny

Nice build, love seeing engineer equipment. Is this the AFV Club kit or the conversion from Perfect Scale?

Looks like the AFV

Here’s mine, built so long ago I can’t remember what manufacturer it’s from. I’m about to mess with it, put a searchlight on it and try and do something about the finish.

There was an article in Finescale way back that showed how to scratch build it. Also, there was a resin company that did a conversion for it, but it wasn’t good.

I remember that article, just not when.

Was that AEF designs?

Yes, AEF Designs. His stuff was hit and miss.

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Yes I quite know about that. Bought a few sets over the years.

Hmm, I have PerfectScale’s conversion w/ AFV Club M60 waiting in the line up, any opinions on the conversion peices?