Tet '68 The Eve of distruction

A long planned dio idea is finally coming together. The story is built around Masterbox “Charlie on the left”… figure set with contributions from a couple of their other Nam series, along with Acadamy’s M151a1, Arii models Daihatsu 1958 Midget, and various other contributions from Red Zebra, Diopark and Reality in Scale.
Premise is jeep with GIs comes across some VC loading the Midget from the sampan on the eve of Tet 1968 and all hell breaks loose.

Planning for some civilian transport and associated figures along with an off duty GI for a bit of additional drama.

A perfect excuse to also have a go at a body of water and lots of vegetation both real and artificial. A few pics of where I am at currently. Loads more vegetation to add before water gets poured.
All comments and suggestions welcomed.


Well done Paul - nothing like thinking big (compared to my limited efforts); nice use of the Arii jobby, which I’ve often thought would fit in well in something just like this. I shall be watching!

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Hi Paul,

Nice composition and groundwork, the ‘palms’ and other ‘tropical’ plants really help create the feel of Vietnam, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


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Thank you chaps. Working on some more homemade vegetation to help add depth and height to the whole thing.


I like the river idea, with the boat and the water buffalo. Looks very Vietnamese :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Paul.
Off to add some vegetation to a glycerol bath for some more additions to the riverbank.

Some of the supporting cast. Figures are fromDioPark, & Dragon, and the headless one a Dragon, Masterbox and Diopatk Frankenstein. Moped from Red Zebra and Bicycle from Masterbox. Oooohh I do not like PE…
Considering a figure or two more, possibly.

Hmm had to check one of my bikes hadn’t been stolen already! Great concept, looking forward to seeing the water & veggies evolve :tumbler_glass:


The earth tone came out nicely .

Thank you Chris- and welcome to the site. :+1:
The earth-tone is a liberal application of Vietnam earth from Diodump over some diluted mod-podge.
All of the ground textures are - the light gren is "general Farmyard(?) " ; dark green- Jungle floor and the red stuff as above. Highly recommended